Paris Sunday 28th (Part 3 of 5)

It is almost one month since we visited Paris. It takes time to sort all impressions and it takes time to write posts. Anyway here is in any case part 3 of our trip to Paris.

The mobile wake us up at the hotel. I quickly notice that the sun shines outside the hotel windows even today. It’s my dear friend Stefan from Hamburg who wonder if we can meet in about one and a half hours. Will be perfect, I reply. We get ready and just when we are about to leave, there is a knock on the hotel door, and another very good friend, Mike from Boston asking what we should do today, and if he can join us.

We will therefore be 3 people taking the metro to meet up with Stefan, Imme, Sabrina and Silke for sightseeing in the beautiful city. After misunderstood rendezvous we meet anyway and begin the walk up the Champs-Élysées.


image-1 The three musketeers, Stefan, Mike and Joachim


After about an hour’s walk we reached the Arc de Triomphe. To my delight , we noticed that It was possible to go up to the top of the huge building. The view was magnificent and  the friendship even more. It was a joy.



We continued the walk…

…and our stomachs became more and more interested in getting food. We planned something simple on the street , but it was not until we reached the park  Jardin des Tuileeries that we found something that we all liked. Then we were really hungry.


In the park , we found the tastiest and most beautiful ice cream we ‘ve ever tasted, Amarino Gelato.  It was an ecological and even biological icecream and it was made in Italy – of course 🙂  We did also found a lovely spot under the trees where we stayed, enjoyed our ice-cream and talked and took it easy for a while.





Then we continue our walk to the enormous Louvre. We were not even thinking of going into the museum. We watching the buildings and the beautiful park instead. We ended the day´s sighseeing with a glass of wine at an outdoor cafe and then said goodbye to Stefan and Imme who would leave to the airport. Shortly after that , we also said goodbye to Sabrina , Silke and Mike. In the evening we took a dinner with a bunch of more or less crazy Swedes below the Sacre Coeur and said goodbye to all of these wonderful friends aswell. Now we were soon on our own.



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