Paris Saturday 27th (part 2 of 5)

We woke up pretty early. It was difficult to sleep, dreaming of the special day ahead. The sun was shining outside our hotel window and Paris were waiting for us. We took it easy and took a croissant and a glass of juice and some coffee.

I love instagram and I follow my good friend Heidi from Norway. About a month ago she put up a picture from a restaurant in Paris with a stunning setting. I immediately said that we were interested to follow them there. Therefore, we took the metro to Boulevard Saint Germain 173 to the restaurant Ralph’s. We had booked a table for 6 people excited.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was relaxed in a sophisticated way. 4 Norwegians and 2 Swedes entered the restaurant and were shown to a lovely table. The menu came in and presented mainly meat dishes and burgers. Most of us ordered burgers but Frode ordered meat which turned out to have a wonderful sauce that we all got the opportunity to taste. We were all in seventh heaven. Everything was so perfectly composed, presented and served. The meat was perfectly fried – someone chose medium/rare, I chose medium and Eva-Lena chose well done as always. The results were impressive.

We sat in the pleasently warm Paris afternoon and enjoyed good food and equally good company for over 2 hours – that’s what I call slow food. It was truly a golden moment on earth. Thanks great neighbors for a wonderful moment.


bild 1-1






After lunch we returned to the hotel to get changed and the Norwegians went also to their hotel. We met up with more friends and fans at the hotel and the atmosphere was full of expectations. After a short while, we went to Le Monde du divan where the anniversary was held. The club had not opened yet so we sat and drank a few beers together. Many fans were in place, but also another big group of people where Bernhard Lloyd’s fashion choice for the evening would fit. There was some kind of Carribean party going on.







Show started on a great special way. Marian stood in the middle of the audience in front of the stage and started the show with ”State of Dreams.” He seemed in great mood and it felt throughout the venue that there was something big going on.

The mood was high among the audience. Everyone was really enjoying. Bad mood was something that did not belong in this place.

Marian, Dave, James, Maja and Carsten played 4 great songs, but then the atmosphere became a bit melancholy. Marian started talking about old times of nostalgia, of memories and of Martin Lister. Martin left us in the spring and it was a shock for the family and for the whole Alphaville world. Marian continues, it’s very sad and I did not know if I would ever be able to play this song that I wrote with Martin Lister. Marian also paid tribute to Carsten and thank him for having supported his idea playing the song:

Still falls the rain

It is a quiet, beautiful and melancholic version and when the chorus is approaching, ”Isn´t it strange” I can not keep it any longer. I burst into tears over the lack of Martin. But I am not alone. It’s such an incredible beautiful, sad, loving group of people who hug each other through tears over missing of our dear Martin. It is a dignified farewell and it is also for me a tribute to the music and to Carsten who takes over after Martin.  I am grateful that Marian is able to do this, and I am sure he feel the same as me. A gratitude to his companian for so many years. The show must go on! Welcome Carsten! Welcome to the Sun.

The feeling of sadness is for me over pretty soon after this song. Martin had wanted us to rejoice over the music and not mourn. Party atmosphere was fully back after a few songs. What I liked a lot of the concert was that Carsten added several of the old sounds of the lovely classic synth loops. I liked the energy on stage, the happiness, the life and I loved as from the first time, the energy of Maja, especially during Sounds like a melody.

Marian finishes the concert with an unexpected song. He thanks us for our belief. The greatest thanx goes to you – our audience. The song is







After the concert, the band came out and talk with us in the audience. It’s a nice moment, but far too short. After just an hour, a bunch of young DJ’s arrives and start playing anything but Alphaville. We could stay there if we like, but soon we are all out on the street instead and put us at a nearby bar, drink some beer or other refreshing. Keep on talking in the night of Paris and wish it would never end.

Thanx you all friends that send me photos for use in this post.

Welcome, or should I say goodbye
It’s a question how close we are apart
Are you going back home after this show
Or leaving for the wild
And when you passing the wardrobe
What will you take
Your worn out hat of hopes
Or someone else’s attractive furs to make it through
The playgrounds of your life
All is shown
All shut down
All the world is gone
All the pieces came together
Finally, but not too late
All is shown
All shut down
All the world is gone
Just pretend that I’m not there
Make your choice

I love you anyway

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